About Us

EssentialOils.ie is owned and run by Emily Kenny, a fully qualified aromatherapist and massage therapist.

I first got interested in essential oils in 2004 when introduced to them by my mother in law who was a qualified aromatherapist. From the first sniff, I knew I wanted to work with these extraordinary oils. I always found it difficult to find skin care that worked for me and the idea that I could make my own using essential oils for their therapeutic properties was very appealing. I started experimenting with different oils, learning about their properties and how they worked, each on their own and when blended with other oils. I also started adding different blends of oils to unscented lotion and cream bases to see how they worked on my skin.

The more I learnt the more I wanted to experiment. So for the last 10 or so years I have been trying new recipes and blends. I even started making my own creams and lotions from scratch. It is so satisfying making something that is truely unique. And since then I have rarely ever bought another shop bought skin care product.

Everything I make and sell, I have tried and tested not only on myself, but on my family and friends. They have only good things to say about my products.